getting snap happy playing along in the 52 week photo challenge – Chris Veneruso


Week 11 – #15 Graveyard

My knowledge of Florida cemeteries is very limited.  Since I’ve lived here I’ve only been to a couple and those visits were for photo oppurtunities.  There’s still a list of cemeteries I plan to visit because I find them interesting.

I got started visiting cemeteries as a child and my father had the best stories to tell about them.  Some of my relatives are buried amidst gypsies and another is near the author, Stephen Crane.   By the way, scenes from the movie “King of the Gypsies” were filmed in the cemetery where Stephen Crane is buried.   My father always remarked about the picnics/parties the gypsies would have but what I found even more interesting were the photographs that were on their tombstones.  Many of them were from the early 1900’s so picture those old black and white wolfman movies and the gypsies in them, that’s what the photos looked like.  But I digress…

A couple days before Christmas one of my uncles who lived in NJ passed away.  It was impossible to get to the funeral.  A couple months later my aunt passed away and again it was impossible to get there.  Last week, when a cousin passed away, I was able to pay my respects to all of them.   They are in one of those modern crypts, I call them cyptominiums.  At the end of this wing there is a stained glass window and I loved the way it reflected on the marble walls.  And yeah, I happened to have a camera in my purse, and yeah I did take a photo and yeah some of my relatives thought I was a little tacky, some thought I was a little bonkers, some thought I was a little morbid but they all pretty much thought those things before and I pretty much don’t care.


My dear friend Pam picked me up at the airport.  She has relatives that are morticians so she isn’t put off by any of this kind of stuff.  I’ve known Pam for about 40 years.  One of my best memories of silly things we did was going to hang out with mom on Friday nights to watch Dallas.  My mother loved that show and she would go on about “how Miss Ellie has all that money yet she wears those horrible house dresses”.  I never watched the show except for when I was visiting her and she would have to explain everything and lordy it just got more and more complicated but she would patiently explain what happened “before the dream” or whatever.  I tell you this because as we were driving down the highway from the airport we passed the Budweiser Brewery and as we did Pam said “Hello Liddy”.  That’s my mother’s nickname.  And no, mom didn’t drink Bud but the cryptominium she and my father are buried in is under the neon sign atop the brewery.  It’s in a small cemetery on the back side of the brewery.  By the way, one of my friends from grammar school and her husband are the caretakers of this cemetery.  Maybe I am a litlle more death fixated than I realized…

bud mfg

I snapped the brewery from the car on my return trip to the airport so it’s a little blurry.  That circle on the top is the neon sign.  It’s one of the coolest signs you’ll ever see but you will have to go to Newark, NJ at night to see it but it’ll be worth it.  Maybe someone has a video of it on you tube, I didn’t check.


Week 10 – #37 Rows and Rows of….

The other day while I was brushing my teeth I heard this weird noise.  When I looked up I saw a squirrel chewing away at an acorn.  As I was watching him I realized I was seeing him in the mirror and that’s when “it clicked” or “the lightbulb came on” and I went after my camera.   If you’ve ever looked into a mirror that has another mirror facing it you know that the reflections go on for eternity.  I wasn’t too sure about how to take a photo of lightbulbs but I gave it a try anyway.  I played around with it for awhile and tried some funky filters but in the end I liked this toned down, sepia version best.mirrors 6

If you’re wondering about the squirrel, he started to run off and was blurry in the photo so I cropped him out.