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Week 18 – #16 Group Portraits


Last post I mentioned that during January I was visiting NJ.  No, I hadn’t lost my mind and no, thankfully no one had died.  But yeah!  my godmother celebrated her 90th birthday and my cousins threw a party for her.  Now THAT is an excellent reason to make a trek to NJ in the winter.

My godmother is my father’s sister.   There were four brothers and four sisters in that family who were close as can be.  The number of first cousins is somewhere in the twenties.  I don’t know what the number is because it was and still is always in flux.  This family got together frequently and we were and still are one rowdy crowd.

For this photo a call for all the cousins on my aunt’s side was made.  Now this sounds like a nice simple request, but it was not.  It was loud, lots of shouting and craziness, someone was always saying something snarky to someone else and someone was cracking up.  I have no idea who took my camera to take this shot but I’m grateful to have it, even if it’s out of focus, it’s still a great memory for me (I’m on the floor, fourth from the right)

Now when they called for the members of uncle’s side of the family what a difference.  They were so quiet and polite.  They do not know how to have fun.

group_edited-1This was not the only party going on that weekend.

Over at my niece’s house her daughter was having a sleepover for her birthday.  Back in the day when I went to a sleepover you wore your junky clothes and just hung out so you can imagine how surprised I was to see these girls, yes girls, these kids are still in high school, wearing their little black dresses.  Boy how things have changed.

s.  sleep over_edited-1


Author: christine veneruso

still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. wondering when I'm going to grow up.

7 thoughts on “Week 18 – #16 Group Portraits

  1. Happy birthday Aunt Kaye, sorry I was not able to be there!


  2. Fun shots! You can tell everyone is happy to be together. 😀


  3. I love when the family gets together!


  4. nice that you had a room big enough to get everyone in. I can’t imagine trying to get that photo.


  5. You are fortunate to have such a large family. Great memories.

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