getting snap happy playing along in the 52 week photo challenge – Chris Veneruso


week 34 – #50 Urban Scenery

Since moving to Florida I’ve been enjoying the tropical beauty around me but I finally got my head wrapped around the idea of urban scenery.  Here’s a shot taken on the riverwalk in Tampa.

Tampa night 1



Week 33 – #45 Statutes/Statues

One time while we were out driving we missed out turn so we went down the next block.  It was a pain in the butt driving wise.  Every corner was a three or four way stop but a ways down this street we passed a “holey moley, guacomoley” front yard.  Well, to me it was extraordinary.  They have this wonderful piece of sculpture on the lawn.

edit 3


Week 31 – #46 Still Life

These are a few items that managed to not get donated to Good Will when we made our big move to Florida.  In all honestly there’s a whole host of stuff that didn’t get tossed or donated and remain in boxes waiting for me to do something with them.  They may even have to go through another move (oh Lord!) before I touch those boxes again.  Ah, but these lovely items  made the grade because they pink or pinkish or sparkly.  Sometimes I’m such a girl…

still in prgress watermark

Even those flowers, and the furniture made it from New Jersey to Florida.  That doily belonged to my mother many, many years before it became mine,  So even though doilies are out of fashion I keep it tucked away and every now and then I take it and stroll down memory lane for either a good cry or a good sigh, or often both.

Well I wasn’t happy with just that single photo, well, actually there were many, many photos but this is the one I choose to play with and after all the posing and nit picking I couldn’t just have one finished photo so I played a little more and tried out a grainy textured look.

still grainywatermark

The perfume atomizer and doily are the only antiques in the photo but the graininess gives the shot a sweet vintage look.

I wasn’t done playing and after lots of other looks there was one more that I decided to keep.

  still life vignette watermark 2

I think with the grain removed and a little dark vignette and slight blurring of the image it becomes a little romantic.

Sometimes, like now, when I look at these three images and know that if I feel like it I can come up with a couple hundred more looks that will all be good, I think, “Photoshop, it’s a blessing and a curse”.


Week 29 – #35 Rocky Waterscapes

I thought Rocky was an out of shape prize fighter that got the living daylights beat out of him in way too many movies that had really good theme songs.  So shouldn’t we be looking for photos in gyms or arenas.  Again I am confused.  I’d yell for Adrian for help but she never did come up with any good answers.

Well, if a waterscape it is to be then I am in trouble.  All the really good watery ones are in points way north of any of the places I will be visiting during this 52 week period so how about this.  It’s got water, and it’s got rocks.