getting snap happy playing along in the 52 week photo challenge – Chris Veneruso


Week 9 – #31 Neon

The coolest signs are neon signs and the best place to see neon signs is Las Vegas.  When there’s moving parts on the signs it’s really fun to watch.  Since Las Vegas isn’t on my current itinerary I’ve kept my eyes open for a sign in the area.  Biff Burger in St, Petersburg, Fl fulfilled the need.  Since this isn’t video you can’t tell but the flames on the sign move.

neon w



Week 8 – A5 S.O.T.C. (Straight Out of the Camera)

This shot was taken on a very sunny day at the beach behind the Loews’ Don Cesar Hotel in St. Pete Beach.   Usually something this blown out would get immediately deleted but there was something about this abundance of blue and white.  Blue and white is often the decorating scheme for beach houses, it’s such a calm, cool color scheme.  Despite the fact that I really liked it whenever I looked at it I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly use anything this blown out and then I remembered the alternate theme “Straight Out of the Camera.”  When I first read the list of themes when I saw this one I imagined that I was going to have to have an “Ansel Adams Moment” and have a really fantastic, perfectly focused and totally mind blowing photo to share if I were going to use this theme but I actually love this blown out mess so much I am willing to share it with you all.


Fortunately, I took more than one shot and made some adjustments so I’d have a shot I could show the rest of the world

beach w


Week 6 – #22 Laundry

The chore I enjoy (I don’t think that’s exactly the right verb, but it’ll do) more than any other is doing laundry.  I especially like the feel and smell of towels just out of the dryer.  I also like the smell of laundry that’s been bleached.  But if someone else is doing my laundry I imagine that odorless is the way to go.

laundry w

The odorless dry cleaners in Arcadia, FL.