getting snap happy playing along in the 52 week photo challenge – Chris Veneruso


week 14 – #39 Rainy Day

Finally the monsoon like rains are tapering off.  It was just a few short weeks ago when every plan made was thwarted by downpours.  That’s what happened not that long ago when a photo shot to capture “blue light” and “light trails” turned into a fiasco.   The shot soon became an oppurtunity to catch lightning strikes but the best vantage point was out in the open.  The camera and I got soaked before I got under this overhang.

open 2w

Any day now the rain will be long forgot and all those empty seats will be filled with a lineof hungry people waiting for a chance to be seated.

In the end, it’s the weather, might as well talk about it.



week 13 – #16 Frame Within a Frame

From the lounge in Loew’s Don Cesar Hotel (btw, if you haven’t noticed it’s a  PINK hotel !!!!!) in St. Petersburg you can glance out across the court and get this view of a (window) frame within a (window) frame.  Of course if you go out back to the beach the view of the Gulf is far superior.

frame 3 w


week 12 – #50 Toys

Sitting on the floor, in an out of the way spot there’s a blue basket filled with dog toys.  Just like any grandchild knows where the toys are, Rosie knows where they are and when she visits she goes straight for them.  Technically that’s her second choice, first she tries to get the cat to play with her and when that proves fruitless she goes looking for a toy.

toys 3 w


Week 11 – #40 Rusty

Rusted out heaps of trucks and cars seem to find their way to the mid-west for a final resting place.  Boats find their way to the Gulf coast.  It’s not just the boats that deteriorate, if it’s metal, well, rust happens.

rust w

This is the Boca Grande Entrance Rear Range Lighthouse.  It has quite a history including the fact that it was built in New Jersey (I don’t know which exit) in 1881 and erected in Lewes, Delaware before it was moved to Florida.  Believe it or not it is still working, at least according to the information I found here.


week 10 -#48 Three of a Kind

There were several contenders for this theme and no doubt there will be many more shots that would work.  It has worked out that threes of things keep finding their way into my viewfinder and more often than not I don’t notice till after the fact.  However these Adirondack chairs were just hanging around unoccupied and screaming for me to rearrange them for a shot.  I couldn’t resist.

3 chairs 3w

And how about that view of the Ringling’s mansion “Ca’D’ Zan” in the distance.  I could live like this.