getting snap happy playing along in the 52 week photo challenge – Chris Veneruso


week 19 – #21 It Happens Over Time

At one time this was probably a beautiful new boat but over time it came to look like this

boat 1

In my imagination and with a little help from my software this is what I think this photo would look like if it were an old print  that sat around for about fifty years.


boat 2_edited-1




Week 16 – #2 Below the Knee

Photographs of below the knee are among my favorites.  This may be because all through grammar and high school I had to wear a uniform.   While there were slight restrictions on shoes it was pretty much overlooked so we gals would find some pretty strange shoes to wear.  Shoes, socks and stockings became a fascination for me.

While I was working a $13 shoe store opened around the corner from my office.  I think every woman I knew had at least 4 new pairs of shoes a month for a couple years. The end of lunch hour turned into “shoe show and tell”.   Ahhhh, memories, but I digress…

For this theme I took some photos in a department store’s shoe section but didn’t like them, and thought I’d try it again around a sale day.  BUT then the camera club arranged a trip to Dry Creek.  They got cowboys wearing cowboy boots there and that is another foot fetish for me.  Before I go off on another tangent and lose you completely…bootsboots 2_edited-1

Then they were having a shoot out and one of the models asked if any of the photographers wanted to get the “between the legs shot” and God bless her little soul Sue M didn’t waste a second getting down into that dirt and mud to get the shot.

knees Sue

A few other people got down after her, NOT ME, it would have taken a small army to get me up.

Lastly, is this horse a ham or what!?

cross legs_edited-1


Week 10 – #37 Rows and Rows of….

The other day while I was brushing my teeth I heard this weird noise.  When I looked up I saw a squirrel chewing away at an acorn.  As I was watching him I realized I was seeing him in the mirror and that’s when “it clicked” or “the lightbulb came on” and I went after my camera.   If you’ve ever looked into a mirror that has another mirror facing it you know that the reflections go on for eternity.  I wasn’t too sure about how to take a photo of lightbulbs but I gave it a try anyway.  I played around with it for awhile and tried some funky filters but in the end I liked this toned down, sepia version best.mirrors 6

If you’re wondering about the squirrel, he started to run off and was blurry in the photo so I cropped him out.


week 8 – #22 It’s a Mystery

On the outskirts of Arcadia, Florida there’s a small park.  It’s a pretty little spot with a pond where people were taking walks.  I stopped because I spotted an old airplane parked near the pond and that looked interesting.  I walked around a bit, took a few photos but never found a plaque or any information about it.

plane - mystery

In town I stopped at a luncheonette for a drink.  I was invited to  join a group of  people.  They were “the Brew Crew”, locals who meet there regularly just to catch up on things,  so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to ask about the plane in the park.  There were several people who offered opinions but the consensus was that there was no factual  information to be had about it and one person actually said “it’s a mystery”.

When I got home I did a little google searching for “Arcadia”, “old plane in Arcadia”, that sort of thing but after several tries that ended up with no information on the subject I realized it really is a mystery.

Here’s a shot of the plane from the side.  This was what I saw driving past that caught my eye and got me to stop.  It made me think of World War II so when I was editing it I looked for a filter that would give it an vintage kind of look.

plane dramatic hdr efx

And a shot looking up from under the wing.

plane 2_edited-1


week 7 – #6 Bridge

This is one of those photos that’s okay, but for me it’s a lot better than it looks because of the back story.  And the back story is one of those stories that “you had to be there for” for it to be entertaining.  So for those of you who can put up with my ramblings here’s the story:

I was driving home from Arcadia and as I passed over the Peace River in my peripheral vision I spotted what appeared to be an interesting bridge (ding, ding, ding – “bridge” theme).  Since my camera just happened to be on my passenger seat I looked for the first possible place to turn off for a photo.  As I turned into what I think was a park there was a warning sign about prisoners working but there didn’t appear to a sole anywhere so I kept going on my merry way.  I followed a dirt road back toward the river for quite a distance and still didn’t see a single soul or another car.  When I finally got to the river I parked my car, got out and discovered that there was quite a drop to the river, and that the bridge wasn’t all that scenic but with the foliage framing it, it looked pretty.  So I got this shot.


bridge 4

And that was when I finally saw a person.  He was pickingup trash with one of those pole thingeys  and it was obvious that he was deliberately ignoring me.  I just walked down the path a little in the opposite direction to see if there was another picturesque spot.  I didn’t like the next  clearing but that was when I spotted another person who wasn’t ignoring me so I said hello to him and he was looking at me with a question mark on his face.  I told him I was taking pictures of the bridge.  He nodded and told me to wait a minute while he got his inmates (that was when I noticed there were a few more men around the area – duh) out of the way for me.  I told him that wouldn’t be necessary, I was leaving (ding, ding, ding – “bright idea” theme).

How about a black and white treatment?

bridge 5

 Good times…